Artificial marijuana - Synthetic cannabinoids (Synnies, K2, Spice, synthetic cannabis Kronic) Are manufactured chemical substances most often sprayed on to smokable plant material. Since July 2013 it’s illegal in New Zealand to possess any synthetic cannabis, party pills or herbal highs.
Bolshier More bolshie. Belligerent.
Bum Buttocks
Chook Domestic hen
Crackers Crazy
Crate Day An unofficial holiday at the start of summer, where it is traditional to share a crate of beer.
Crook Sick
Dart (Slang) cigarette
Durrie/Durry (Slang) cigarette
Fag (Slang) cigarette
Fanta Sweet fizzy drink
Fit as Extremely fit or good looking
GP General Practitioner. Family Doctor
Garage Petrol station which includes a convenience store
Hard case Something or someone who is amusing and funny
In my grill Having someone up ‘In my face’
Intermediate School School level catering for Year 7 and 8 - usually ages 11-12 years
Joint Marijuana cigarette
Ka pai koe Good on you
Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) has been used as a ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands for hundreds of years.The traditional use of kava before, during and after ceremonies is varied. Kava is used to welcome new guests or say goodbye to others. It has also been used to start a celebration, such as a wedding. The ceremony commences with the plant being pounded and the pulp placed into a cloth sack and mixed with water.
Km's Kilometres (distance)
Kōrero Talk
La-Z-Boy A brand of comfy adjustable armchair that you can recline and put your feet up.
Labour The New Zealand Labour Party who were in power 2017-2023
Letting fee Money paid to an agent who arranges a rental property
MDMA 3,4-methylenedioxy-methanphetamine. A synthetic mood-altering drug. Also called ecstasy or molly.
Matai High ranking Samoan elders, such as chiefs and leaders.
Meth Methamphetamine (meth, P, ice, Tina) is an amphetamine-type stimulant.
Mokopuna Grandchild or descendent
Mouli To mulch something up
NCEA National Certificates of Educational Achievement; qualifications for senior secondary school students.
New Zealand, Aotearoa Not part of Australia
Not my cuppa tea Not something I like
OT Occupational therapy
On a pretty good wicket A cricketing term. Someone who is doing well financially and/or in a good position. Sitting pretty.
Pokie machines Slot machines in casinos and pubs for gambling
Pākehā White (European) New Zealander
Pōwhiri A pōwhiri is a Māori welcoming ceremony, involving whaikōrero (formal speech) , waiata (singing) and kai (food).
Remand When someone is held in custody while they wait for their trial or sentencing.
Rollies Cigarettes made by the person out of roll-your-own loose tobacco
She’s right/ She’ll be right No need to worry. Everything will be alright.
Smoko Tea or coffee break at work. Traditionally when one would have a smoke.
Snapped Caught out
Stood-down Suspended from school
Taily/ Tailie Tailormade (by a cigarette company) cigarette
Tamariki Children
Tinny House A house where one can buy 'tinnies'. A small amount of marijuana wrapped in tin foil.
Toke A puff (inhale) of a joint – see above
US dollar conversion $2.00NZ = $1.24US as at 16 May 2023
Whānau Family. Or any group that acts like a family.
Yeah nah Slang for No
‘Winging up’ Slang for ‘scooping up’ something